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for more information on these events, see the calendar

Every Wednesday
Marine Recruiting Station
64 Shattuck Square

Every Friday
Hot Pink Freeway Bannering
University Ave Footbridge

Tuesday 4/13
Corporate "Person-hood" Got You Down?
Mudrakers Café (back room)
2801 Telegraph Ave

Wednesday 4/14
Tax Resistance Information March
MRS to Main Post Office
64 Shattuck Square to Allston & Milvia

Sunday 4/25
Crackpot Crones Just Say NO to DRONES
Redwood Gardens
2951 Derby St

Tuesday 4/27
Amendment to deny Corporations "Personhood"
On the agenda of Berkeley City Council Meeting
3124 MLK Way @ Allston
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Tax Resistance Information March & Protest
Wednesday, April 14th, Noon - 3:00pm

MRS (marine recruiting station),
64 Shattuck Square, Berkeley
(on Shattuck Ave just south of University)

Noon: Counter-recruitment in front of the MRS
1:00pm (mostly) Organic Lunch
1:30pm "58% of our Taxes Go to War" March to Main Berkeley Post Office

This Wednesday, the day before 'Tax Day', we will expand our weekly counter-recruitment demonstration with a march from the MRS to the Main Post Office, downtown Berkeley.

Instead of less money, we now have MORE ...of our tax... money going annually to war ...profiteers... under Obama and the Democrat majority then ever under Bush and the Republican majority.

Bring signs, carry banners: Just say NO to taxes for war! RESIST! REFUSE! DON'T PAY!

Hand out informational flyers to passers-by with information such as: What do I risk, NOT paying taxes? According to the War Resisters League: "Since the modern war tax resistance movement began during World War II, only one person (in the 1940s) has been jailed for resisting his war taxes. Only about 30 out of tens of thousands of people in the U.S. who have resisted war taxes have even been brought to federal court and convicted..."

MMMEG: Crackpot Crones Just Say NO to Drones
Sunday April 25th 6:00pm

Redwood Gardens, 2951 Derby St, Berkeley

For this MMMEG, (Monthly Meet, Eat & Greet) the Crackpot Crones will present an evening of comedy sketches and improve which may include: Eve Meets Lilith! True Adventures of Our Astonishing Lives in the Women's Movement! The Lesbian on the Loose! Click here for more information

The Crackpot Crones, Terry Baum, a big city Lesbian, and Carolyn Myers, a small town heterosexual, are two pioneer funny feminists who will knock you out of any present state of gloom and doom you might be in, as they challenge and spoof ourselves and our tendency to be ground down into inaction by the sheer effrontery of our country's direction.

This will be a benefit for our NO DRONES Mother's Day Actions from May 9th – 19th. Pot luck included so bring an organic (if possible) dish to share! Suggested donation $15.00, more if you can, less if you can't – NO ONE turned away!

April 27th, 6:45pm. Berkeley City Council will be voting on a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment to remove the present "person-hood" status from corporations. PLEASE come in hot pink, bring signs, or just BE THERE! 2134 MLK, Berkeley (old city hall) at Allston Way.

Will You Just Say NO DRONES this Mother's Day?
Mark you calendars: May 9th - 19th

You probably know by now that Mother's Day is not a day to take Mom out for brunch - but it began as a call for women to gather together to figure out how to have peace in our country and world.

We reclaim the true intent of Mother's Day every year. This year we are planning to focus on DRONES and GREED, i.e. the corporations that war profit off DRONES.

Here are our Tentative Plans for Mother's Day Action. Will you join us? Please email or call 510-540-7007 ASAP!

May 9th, Sunday, noon: March across the Golden Gate Bridge

May 10th, Monday, 7:00am Leave the Bay Area on the NO DRONES Bus Caravan 2 day trip as we build "Wall of Shame" actions targeting war profiteers from here to Creech AFB, Indian Springs, Nevada

May 11th Tuesday evening arrive at the Goddess Temple

May 12th – 14th Dawn to Dusk NO DRONES protests at Creech AFB

May 15th, DISArm Forces Day – in the spirit of Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation, "from the bosom of a devastated earth, a voice goes up with our own 'DISARM, DISARM'" – join our voices with the mother earth this "armed" forces day.

May 17th NO DRONES Bus Caravan leaves for San Diego and General Atomics, to protest one of the biggest war profiteers, a manufacturer of killer drones.

May 19th Return to the Bay Area

If you know you want to go, or if you want to 'buy a seat' for someone else to go, PLEASE send in your $100 to CodePINK, P.O. Box 5172, Berkeley, Ca 94705

Our last trip, we had 15 folks on the bus. Let's get 30 folks out on the bus this time!


We cannot do this without your financial assistance. Any donation can be tax deductible. Send your checks into CodePINK, P.O. Box 5172, Berkeley, Ca 94705 or go to the donate page and click on the donate button. THANK YOU!

Bay Area CodePINK East Bay's Office has moved!

It is with great sadness and regret we have to inform you that our lovely and inspiring CodePINK office has shut her doors! Due to extreme financial hardship, we can no longer keep those doors open.

We want to sincerely extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to all the multitude of CodePINKers as well as community supporters who worked together for the past almost 7 years keeping our doors open.

Many of you dropped in with words of encouragement, gratitude and often with donations. Others were monthly contributor pledgers, some were one time contributers, still others contributed time and energy, a must for running an office.

Although we could not have done it without your help, we especially need to thank those long-term monthly pledgers: Brenda Hillman, Jean Hyams, and Jay Lalezari whose faithful, consistent contribution we could count on every month!

And special deepest thanks also to the original team who refused to allow the office to close several years ago: Brenda Hillman, Jane Maxwell, Corrine Goldstick, and Cynthia Johnson.

And our appreciate to everyone else whose name we may not know but whose contribution none-the-less has sustained us.

We have a new number 510-540-7007 and a P.O. box 5172, Berkeley 94705 should you perhaps want to continue and begin contributing or send us a note!

Together we WILL END WAR NOW!

No Military Predators in Our Town Campaign

CodePINK found out last September '07 that Marine Recruiters had invaded our peace-loving, anti-war town of Berkeley and set up an officer recruiting station targeting youth from U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley City College, and other colleges in the Bay Area. clash of clans triche gemmes We have been holding"How Berkeley Can U BE" (see the Calendar) daily and weekly events and actions in front of the M.R.S.* (Marine Recruiting Station) to halt business as usual at the station.

In response to the pro-war unsubstantiated call for a boycott of Berkeley Businesses, we have launched the Berkeley Businesses for Peace Association and we are also calling for a Summer of Hope in Berkeley for the month of July.

Together we WILL SHUT DOWN military recruiting in our town!

Peace, "No Military Recruiting" Coalition Team
Click for more on the Regulating Military Recruiting Coalition

CodePINK is a women initiated / women led grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest and non-violent direct action.

CodePINK was started in direct response to the Bush administration's color-coded security alerts that are based on fear. CodePINK is a determined call for women / our supporters to "wage peace / justice" in our lives, our communities, our country, / around the world. We stand up to the Bush administration's attempt to attack not only our civil rights, but almost every social service / economic program for women, for children, for the poor, the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled in our country.

CodePINK, often aligning with other organizations, holds vigils for peace; marches against the war / occupation; speaks out against corporate - as in Halliburton, Bechtel - greed / profiteering; stands in solidarity with the women in Juarez, in Iraq, at Threemile Canyon Farms; targets all the entities that supply war, including political, corporate, military, media, and we the people through our compliance and our taxes.

Bay Area CodePINK has worked tirelessly locally and nationally to defeat the Bush agenda, defend our democracy, and protect our civil rights. We also participate in several campaigns as "No Military Predators in our Town" and "War Tax Resistance". We hold activist training camps, table at events, and do presentations / speakings for various institutions, organizations, groups and neighborhoods. We participate in marches, boom beach hack protest actions and community celebrations.

We meet weekly on Wednesdays: the 2nd Wednesday from 7-9 at Global Exchange, 16th / Mission across from the 16th Street BART; the 1st, 3rd / 4th Wednesdays from 7-9 at East Bay CodePINK, 1248 Solano Ave, Albany. Meetings are where actions / direction are discussed and decided upon; report backs are given about past actions; business is taken care of.

We vigil and protest every Wednesday in Berkeley from 7:30a.m. 5:00p.m. in front of the M.R.S (Marine Recruiting Station), 64 Shattuck Square (on Shattuck Ave just south of University Ave, where Shattuck runs one-way north). In San Francisco, from 5:15-6:15 in front of Diane Feinstein's office at Montgomery and Market Stress. (See Calendar for more details)

We also banner every Friday in Berkeley at 7:30-8:30a.m. on the University Ave Footbridge over the 80/580 freeways; and 4:30-5:30p.m. on the San Jose Ave overpass (see the Calendar for more details).

Sign up for the action list to keep informed of all actions and decisions made outside the monthly meetings and to discuss issues / upcoming events, actions, plans with bay area CodePINKers!

For further information, please see the rest of our website, email, or call 510.524.2776.